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Business Insurance

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WOW…. What a wide spectrum!!

Every business is so different from the other and operates in a distinct manner, with its own workforce, products or services, and organizational culture. In our current litigious society, business owners are well aware of the potential risks of facing legal action in the future, and securing appropriate insurance coverage becomes an integral part of conducting business. However, protecting the financial well-being of your business and personal assets, as well as providing benefits to attract and retain valuable employees, entails considering a range of business insurances.

When developing a comprehensive business insurance plan, it is crucial to collaborate closely with a local business insurance agent who is committed to investing the necessary time and effort to fully comprehend your operations. This allows them to tailor a customized insurance plan that aligns with your business needs, while ensuring that the rates remain manageable for your enterprise.

At Felty Insurance Agency, Inc. in Bristol, Virginia, our agency is dedicated to serving the local business community, offering exceptional personalized service.

We recognize that your business is unique. As fellow local business owners, we understand the daily challenges you face, and we are here to provide assistance every step of the way. Our comprehensive range of business insurances is designed to address the specific requirements of your operation, and we diligently work to establish a business insurance strategy that is truly aligned with your needs. We firmly believe that you deserve the highest level of service, and our team is committed to delivering just that. Contact us today to learn more or speak with one of our qualified advisors, who can review your current policies and help you secure business insurance with improved coverage and lower rates

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Great service...

Jerri W

Such a great staff and company to work with!

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Beau M

Fast, easy, friendly. Plus much better coverage than I had before, at a good

Ralph ( Hess

Your staff including you are very helpful and friendly. You feel like your

Jan F

I am the son of Betty Silva. We came to you to get a price on ensuring my mom's

Betty S